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Since we first opened our office in 2000, we decided that no member of our community should feel neglected, abused, and without proper representation when they are seeking justice. In 2002, Ladva Law Firm opened our second office in Fremont, CA in hopes to have a better reach to the community, aiding those who were in desperate need of legal counsel in harassment, personal injury, and employee dispute cases. We plan to open our third office in San Jose, CA. Reach out today if you need assistance in the legal arena!

Why Ladva Law Firm in San Francisco, CA is Right for You

The attorneys at the Ladva Law Firm in San Francisco and Fremont are ready and willing to hear your case. We want you to feel safe and validated in your claims. Having an ally in the legal system helps you feel more empowered and we are here to let you know we are ready to fight for your rights. Our team is well equipped and experienced in a large and diverse amount of cases to give you the help you need. We are so confident in our services and ability to get you the compensation you deserve that if you don’t, we will not charge you for our services.

Ladva Lawyers Handle Harassment, Personal Injuries, & More

We have been dedicated to helping the Bay Area with sexual harassment, personal injury, and employee dispute cases for the past two decades with no plans on stopping anytime soon. We have even been at the forefront of representing clients in Uber and Lyft accidents, as these popular rideshare operations have been getting more and more popular. Since the industry is so new, there are not as many regulations, which is why it is even more important for you to get an attorney should you get into an accident involving either company. Here are some of the other services we offer our communities in the Bay Area:

If You Are Facing Legal Issues, Call the Ladva Law Firm

If you live in the Bay Area and are facing legal issues or feel you have a case to take to court, call us the expert lawyer team at the Ladva Law Firm. We are here to protect you and offer free consultations. We’re ready to listen and create a legal plan to provide you with the compensation and the justice you deserve. You and everyone else in the San Francisco area should feel like they have a fighter in their corner when they experience mistreatment at the hands of co-workers, their boss, landlord, or property owner.

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