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Sexual harassment is one of the worst violations a worker can endure and can have lasting physical and psychological impact, both at the workplace and in everyday life. It can destroy a person’s psyche and is a trauma of the highest order.

Ladva Law Firm understands how sensitive this topic can be and will fight with you every step of the way as your legal champion and advocate. Ladva Law Firm will aggressively pursue cases to restore your feelings of safety and tranquility in the workplace. Because this situation takes on many forms, it’s more important than ever to understand what sexual harassment and sex/gender discrimination are. The following is only a partial list of the many forms this can take:

  • An employer readily provides preferential treatment or benefits to employees of one gender over another
  • An employer opts to not hire a woman because they are perceived to not have the “toughness” of a man, or opts to not hire a man because they are perceived as not “sensitive” enough.
  • An employee is given above average reviews, but is overlooked for promotions because of their gender, while the positions are filled by under-qualified individuals.
  • An employer doles out discipline in an unfair and uneven manner that is indicative of gender discrimination
  • An employer opts to pay members of the opposite gender more than your gender.
  • Certain company policies that are falsely neutral that have a corrosive effect on employees and are based specifically on gender.

Many other factors play into gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

Workplace Harassment Legal Options

Consider that hiring, firing, recruiting, job placements, promotions and advancements, job assignment, job training, compensation, working conditions, layoffs/suspensions, and other factors can play a role in gender discrimination disputes. Fortunately, the law requires that men and women are treated equally, with no exceptions. Unfortunately, unscrupulous employers routinely flout these important pillars of law. Additionally, there are important distinctions between sex discrimination and gender discrimination:

“Sex” Discrimination refers to discriminations rooted in biological identity as male or female.

“Gender” Discrimination is more general and is rooted in characteristics that are sociologically and culturally associated with either femininity or masculinity but are mutually exclusive from biological identification.

We Understand Your Situation

A person’s identity is a huge part of their existence both in the workplace and elsewhere in their lives. Enduring painful discrimination on account of their sex or gender is a destructive force that Ladva Law Firm not only understands, but can help mitigate workplace discrimination. Our attorneys recognize the sensitivity and realize that clients may feel uncomfortable discussing such matters.

As with all of our work, it is 100% confidential and you can trust Ladva Law Firm to work within your confines on issues like this. The workplace should be a comfortable place for employees to earn their livelihoods, not a discriminative environment where they are edged out of opportunity, ashamed to be who they are, and unable to advance themselves in certain areas because of who they are.

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