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Labor laws in the United States are designed to ensure that employees earn their fair wage for the hours they have worked. Unfortunately, these laws are not always upheld, and frequently employees are the victims of wage disputes, unpaid wages or overtime, and other pervasive and destructive tactics.

Employers who have committed any number of transgressions are in violation of specific statutes, notably the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the California Labor Code (CLC). These laws help guarantee a fair and legal wage for workers, in addition to specific compensation for overtime hours worked. These laws also help protect workers by giving them adequate breaks and lunch breaks throughout the course of a workday that are determined by the number of hours worked. There are also other important considerations, such as whether an employee is exempt or not and whether they are determined by a contractual agreement between employee and employer.

What do Unpaid Wages include?

In addition to myriad other cases, Ladva Law Firm is highly experienced and committed to resolving unpaid wage dispute cases. Our attorneys have a unique understanding of this topic and can help in situations including:

  • Overtime hours worked that are not adequately paid to the employee
  • Holiday hours worked that are not adequately paid to the employee
  • Sub-minimum wages paid to the employee
  • Adequate work breaks not given to the employee
  • Adequate lunch breaks not given to the employee
  • Complete payment failure by the employer for hours worked by the employee
  • Payment schedule failures by the employer for hours worked by the employee
  • Bounced checks were given to employees
  • Business related expenses fronted by an employee that are not reimbursed by the employer
  • Employees not receiving final paycheck for hours worked plus any unused vacation days per contractual agreement

There are many scenarios that can arise as they relate to unpaid wage disputes between employer and employee. Frequently, workers do not know where to turn and do not understand their legal rights under the law.

At Ladva Law Firm, we take great pride in our acute understanding, superior resources, and finely tuned legal skills to help recover unpaid wages, and to provide sound legal advice for current and future situations. The employment lawyers at Ladva Law Firm, our attorneys understand the ins and outs of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the California Labor Code (CLC) and can help employees who would other be helpless victims. Fair wages are a cornerstone of American prosperity, and contractual agreements deserve to be followed and upheld. Unfair wage practices should not go unpunished and getting them addressed, resolved and compensation returned to the victim is our top goal.

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